How to survive the cold winter months wearing still stylish clothes with affordable prices? Check out our top 10 guide of this season’s winter clothing!


We know, in winter you get tired easily, you feel cold all the time and all you actually wanna do is just stay home & watch movies all day long. But you can’t let yourself go just because its winter & cold. Update your winter clothes and get your wardrobe ready for the latest winter trends. You are asking yourself how to stay warm and still look stylish this winter? Here’s our guide and a couple of tricks that can help you look cool in winter clothes without breaking the bank.



  1. Jackets

How to feel sexy in a woman jacket? Jackets can truly say a lot about your personality. Find out which one suits you best and which one shouldn’t be missed in your top 10 winter clothes for this season!



 They say all you seriously need is one good statement coat. And we are like, a couple of other coats too, maybe? Oversized Coats, Leather Coats, Classic Coats, Trench Coats. Lets be honest can we actually ever have enough coats? Every colour and every shape. We want them all! Shop our new oversized in 3 different colours available. We love a thick chunky sweater and a lighter trench coat above it to enjoy a fresh breeze before the real winter temperatures start to kick in!



Puffer Jacket

 A good Puffer Jacket is without doubt the must have for every girl’s winter wardrobe. Its warm and you can find the most stylish one’s for the most affordable prices. Fits with everything, just grab it and ready to go!


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Leather Jacket

Whether a leather jacket really counts as winter clothes is a matter of debate but we know there are many girls that just can’t survive the winter season with their beloved leather jacket. The Trick? A thick hooded sweater, cardigan or..


  1. Turtle Necks


Yes exactly, Turtle Necks. Turtle Necks are among our top 10’s stylish winter clothes this season and simply every season. No matter how many layers of clothing a turtle neck will always keep you warm and can be combined with a stylish leather pant or jeans. Add some fancy but affordable festive earrings for the last touch and believe me, you will never be underdressed!

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  1. Pants, Pants, Pants!


There’s a million brands selling all type of clothing and pants. So which pants to buy in the winter season? The trick is to wear less oversized pants and more skinny pants to keep you more warm during the cold temperatures. Try to find cool affordable skinny pants or jeans and combine them with some cool chunky or oversized boots. A cool coat and you are ready for even the coldest stylish winter. If you still feel cold you can always wear tights under your pants.

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  1. Suits


We all know its hard to get dressed during winter. We long for our open back summer dresses, miss our cute skirts and tops. But who says we can’t pull off a sexy look also in winter?

Here’s the answer: A cool statement suit, lace bra under it & red lips. Now who said we can’t dress in provocative clothes during winter? Et Voila! Any Questions? 


  1. Tights

As mentioned above, tights are not only a good winter essential but also a stylish one. Its listed under our most affordable accessories of all our winter clothing and they come in different patterns, thick or thin and give you the extra comfortable feeling you need during winter. Tights are perfect to combine with a skirt for a lovely date night with a cool women jacket or coat.


  1. Hats


Beanies, bucket hats, baseball caps, party hats?  Yes, yes, YES!

And the best thing? Similar as the tights its a very affordable accessory who keeps you warm all winter long. And they fit with every type of jacket. Is your winter closet even complete without having around 10 different beanies? Winter you are GREAT!


  1. Scarves


Stylish winter clothes and accessories with affordable prices? Possible. Invest in all kind of scarves. Different colours and patterns. They give the last touch to all your women’s coats and jackets and can be worn with any kind of pants, jeans or skirts.


  1. Gloves


Not the type of girl to wear gloves? Got you. I wasn’t as well until my mom once bought me a pair of really cool Chanel gloves. Imagine it took me almost a lifetime to realise how cool and practical gloves really can be in winter. They indeed keep you warm. You can find affordable one’s for daily wear and maybe buy another pair of really cool leather gloves to combine with all kind of women’s jackets for a cool night out in town.


  1. Overknee Boots


The overknee boot has a really strong comeback this winter season! They are stylish and seasonless. Invest in a good pair and you can wear them season after season.


  1. Long Cardigans


Long Cardigans never go out of style and are among our favourite winter clothes of all time. We especially love them in an oversized fit. A real style saver for a cool everyday look when it comes to “how to stay stylish during the winter months”.



Thanks for reading and we hope to have inspired you how to spice up your style without getting cold and yes baby, still look stylish!

November 10, 2021 — Jessica Kovacs