A New You: A Guide to embracing your inner closet fairy

A New You: A Guide to embracing your inner closet fairy

Happy Easter, Bunnies! Hope y’all spent a wonderful time with your family and a long easter Weeknd celebrating and eating all your favourite food!
April 20, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs
Welcome to our NEW ERA!

Welcome to our NEW ERA!

March is a very special month for us. We are not only slowly slowly welcoming spring/summer but we are also welcoming our new website and first drop of our new collection this month!
March 21, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs
Skylar Pants

Skylar Pants

Its been almost a year since we’ve first dropped our first Skylar pants in black. Together with Larissa we made this special but also basic design at the same time. As Larissa is a fashion model herself she has the perfect body and is the perfect face for our Larissa x Sovaye Skylar Pants. 

Discover The Skylar Pants

Since we launched them in mid April, we can not think them away anymore, its not a secret that these women’s pants are the most trending pants from our brand. Skylar’s in Red, Skylar’s in Nude, Skylars in leather so what’s next? A Cargo pants Skylar maybe? Or some khaki Skylar pants?

Fashion is timeless and cargo pants never go out of style so we think its actually a cool idea! So we want to know from you guys what would you think if we would make a cargo pants style skylar, maybe in khaki? For summer we are thinking to play around with bold colours and are constantly checking the latest trends for woman pants so we can still keep our classic V cut but add a touch of the newest trends to our Skylar pants. White is always in fashion and the perfect summer colour, so we have the Skylar skirt in white but what about a classy white long Skylar pant? Also a Cargo summer Skylar pant would actually be an idea? We are always happy to hear your feedback, ideas and opinions so please never hesitate to DM or email us if you have any cool ideas or feedback.

Maybe there’s a colour you always wanted to have as women’s pants in general our a Skylar colour you would really like to have in your closet. Just pop us a dm and we are happy to chat with you :-).

Womens pants are always hard to buy, hard to choose and difficult with the sizing but our Skylar pants are the most classy pants for women because of their deep V cut their not only trending right now but they give your body the right shape. A lot of women sometimes do have some issues with especially showing their belly’s, we got you but we promise even if you do have a little problem zone on your belly this pants will show you from your best side! Since last summer a lot of brands dropped low waisted pants or pants where your belly is shown and we really do believe that this trend will still go on this summer and will continue being one of the most trending pants for women in the fashion scene. In the same time you can also use them as a classy dress pants for women because they are a mix of elegance and coolness.

How To Wear The Skylar Pants?

How to wear them? The good thing about our Skylar pants is you can easily wear them for a daily look combined with cool sneakers and a cool crop top or you can make them fashion and wear it for a date night or night out with your friends and make them look really classy with some nice high heels. The Black pants are our most classy one’s and fine to combine with im sure everything you have in your closet! All the girls love the colours of nude and beige so the nude Skylar’s are some of the most trending pants which is always wanted by our sovaye community. The orange one’s is more like a spring / summer thing but you can wear them as a winter statement piece to bright up your cold winter days and bring some colour into your life!

A month ago we dropped our leather Skylar’s and marked them with a cool fashion statement piece: the white stitches. As you may all know this is a huge trend right now and also can be seen on many pants so for sure its another one of our most trending pants for women trend of 2021 and continues to go through 2022. Also a leather pant never goes out of style so you can wear it in the coldest winter but it also can create a sexy Summer look.

And of course lets not forget our Skylar skirts which are, yes SHORT but sexy as hell. They will give you the perfect body and all the attention you need during hot summer days. Sexy but still fashion! The Skylar shorts are a very unique thing. Not for everyone but definitly a must have piece if you call yourself a fashionista!

So I think we all agree, one thing is for sure we can’t and we DONT WANT to live without our Skylar’s anymore and they will for sure be a Sovaye statement piece for a long long time and our most trending pants for women as long as we can think of! So make sure to check out our newest Skylar’s in Red which come in a limited drop just for valentines day. Enjoy while the love and the stock lasts on www.sovaye.com.

We are so grateful for your support and even though we would have never thought the Skylar pants would create such a hype in our community, we are happy they did and we promise to always serve you with the coolest pants trend and fashion trends in general.

February 15, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs
Discover the most stylish Sovaye Gifts for Christmas

Discover the most stylish Sovaye Gifts for Christmas

Christmas 2021 is around the Corner and we can’t wait to show you the best Christmas gifts for women 2021. Get into the Christmas spirits and choose between our large selection of Gift Ideas to find the perfect gift for her!


A Cool Statement Jacket

You wanna find the top Christmas gifts 2021? We think you can never go wrong with a cool statement Jacket. What about a cool oversized blazer jacket? Or a Designer Vinyl Coat as a Statement gift idea?

Scroll through our wide selection of jackets including coats, blazers and casual everyday jacket and im sure you will find the perfect gift for her.


Sovaye Gift Card

Let me tell you the secret to her heart? Any women loves a good gift card.
We all know after Christmas comes the discounts. So a gift card is definitely one of the best gifts for Christmas and among our top Christmas gifts 2021.


Leeu Bags

Our Turkish Designer Leeu have a fantastic selection of limited bags. You are asking why they are definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for women 2021? Because they are cool, unique and affordable. With prices starting at 34.90.- its not only a great gift for her but also for your best friend who you wanna make happy this Christmas but dont wanna spend a 100.- for something special. Thats exactly why these cute bags made it to our top Christmas gifts 2021 list.


Skylar Pants

You wanna make her the happiest she’s ever been? The best Christmas gift for women 2021 is definitely our Skylar Pant. Its the must have of all seasons and a must have under your Christmas Tree this year!


Disco Dream Collection

The J BY JK X SEVVAL SAHIN Disco Dream Collection is on top of our gift ideas this year. Make her feel like a princess with our dreamy dresses and get into the Christmas spirit. If you wanna make her feel special one of these pieces is definitely the best gift for Christmas and on top among our top Christmas gifts 2021.


J BY JK Giraffe Dress

Clear to say the J BY JK Giraffe Dress was our bestseller this summer and guess what? Even this winter. Are you travelling to an exotic place for Christmas or after christmas? If so, this dress is one of the perfect most unique gift ideas for this Christmas.


Beany Beady Jewellery

In our list of Top Christmas Gifts 2021 is this cute Turkish designer Beany Beady. Looking for an affordable Present for your sister or friend? Beany Beady makes the most unique jewellery where you definitely can’t find anywhere else. That’s why its definitely among our best Christmas gifts for women 2021 for every age. Make a statement and combine it very easily with a cool jacket or sweatshirt and be ready for the Christmas spirit.


Mimoza x Sovaye

Our Collab Mimoza x Sovaye was definitely the THING of the year!
If you want her to scream while opening the Christmas package, that’s definitely the thing you should go for. We dont think there’s a better present as this is the BEST Christmas gift for 2021 and under our top 3 in the category of the best Christmas gifts for women 2021.
Jbyjk | Mimoza Collection | Handmade Design | Custom Design



Its never too late for trench coat season. With our Classic Trench coat you can never go wrong. I mean who needs a Burberry Trench coat when you can have a Sovaye Trench Coat? This Christmas is all about changes.



A Sweatshirt or Sweater is a really thoughtful gift for her! It keeps her warm and cozy and that’s exactly what we need for the perfect Christmas spirit and all festive season long. Have fun scrolling through our sweatshirt category, get inspired by different gift ideas and discover our variety of brands. Im sure you will find the best Christmas gifts for women 2021 in this category!


Thank you for being a part of our top Christmas gifts 2021, we hope to inspire you today and always and wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 16, 2021 — Jessica Kovacs
Top 10 Outfit Suggestions: Spice Up Your Style Without Getting Cold!

Top 10 Outfit Suggestions: Spice Up Your Style Without Getting Cold!

How to survive the cold winter months wearing still stylish clothes with affordable prices? Check out our top 10 guide of this season’s winter clothing!


We know, in winter you get tired easily, you feel cold all the time and all you actually wanna do is just stay home & watch movies all day long. But you can’t let yourself go just because its winter & cold. Update your winter clothes and get your wardrobe ready for the latest winter trends. You are asking yourself how to stay warm and still look stylish this winter? Here’s our guide and a couple of tricks that can help you look cool in winter clothes without breaking the bank.



  1. Jackets

How to feel sexy in a woman jacket? Jackets can truly say a lot about your personality. Find out which one suits you best and which one shouldn’t be missed in your top 10 winter clothes for this season!



 They say all you seriously need is one good statement coat. And we are like, a couple of other coats too, maybe? Oversized Coats, Leather Coats, Classic Coats, Trench Coats. Lets be honest can we actually ever have enough coats? Every colour and every shape. We want them all! Shop our new oversized in 3 different colours available. We love a thick chunky sweater and a lighter trench coat above it to enjoy a fresh breeze before the real winter temperatures start to kick in!



Puffer Jacket

 A good Puffer Jacket is without doubt the must have for every girl’s winter wardrobe. Its warm and you can find the most stylish one’s for the most affordable prices. Fits with everything, just grab it and ready to go!


Shop Sovaye’s oversized puff jackets in orange and white!


Leather Jacket

Whether a leather jacket really counts as winter clothes is a matter of debate but we know there are many girls that just can’t survive the winter season with their beloved leather jacket. The Trick? A thick hooded sweater, cardigan or..


  1. Turtle Necks


Yes exactly, Turtle Necks. Turtle Necks are among our top 10’s stylish winter clothes this season and simply every season. No matter how many layers of clothing a turtle neck will always keep you warm and can be combined with a stylish leather pant or jeans. Add some fancy but affordable festive earrings for the last touch and believe me, you will never be underdressed!

 Shop our turtle neck bestsellers!


  1. Pants, Pants, Pants!


There’s a million brands selling all type of clothing and pants. So which pants to buy in the winter season? The trick is to wear less oversized pants and more skinny pants to keep you more warm during the cold temperatures. Try to find cool affordable skinny pants or jeans and combine them with some cool chunky or oversized boots. A cool coat and you are ready for even the coldest stylish winter. If you still feel cold you can always wear tights under your pants.

 Shop Pants!


  1. Suits


We all know its hard to get dressed during winter. We long for our open back summer dresses, miss our cute skirts and tops. But who says we can’t pull off a sexy look also in winter?

Here’s the answer: A cool statement suit, lace bra under it & red lips. Now who said we can’t dress in provocative clothes during winter? Et Voila! Any Questions? 


  1. Tights

As mentioned above, tights are not only a good winter essential but also a stylish one. Its listed under our most affordable accessories of all our winter clothing and they come in different patterns, thick or thin and give you the extra comfortable feeling you need during winter. Tights are perfect to combine with a skirt for a lovely date night with a cool women jacket or coat.


  1. Hats


Beanies, bucket hats, baseball caps, party hats?  Yes, yes, YES!

And the best thing? Similar as the tights its a very affordable accessory who keeps you warm all winter long. And they fit with every type of jacket. Is your winter closet even complete without having around 10 different beanies? Winter you are GREAT!


  1. Scarves


Stylish winter clothes and accessories with affordable prices? Possible. Invest in all kind of scarves. Different colours and patterns. They give the last touch to all your women’s coats and jackets and can be worn with any kind of pants, jeans or skirts.


  1. Gloves


Not the type of girl to wear gloves? Got you. I wasn’t as well until my mom once bought me a pair of really cool Chanel gloves. Imagine it took me almost a lifetime to realise how cool and practical gloves really can be in winter. They indeed keep you warm. You can find affordable one’s for daily wear and maybe buy another pair of really cool leather gloves to combine with all kind of women’s jackets for a cool night out in town.


  1. Overknee Boots


The overknee boot has a really strong comeback this winter season! They are stylish and seasonless. Invest in a good pair and you can wear them season after season.


  1. Long Cardigans


Long Cardigans never go out of style and are among our favourite winter clothes of all time. We especially love them in an oversized fit. A real style saver for a cool everyday look when it comes to “how to stay stylish during the winter months”.



Thanks for reading and we hope to have inspired you how to spice up your style without getting cold and yes baby, still look stylish!

November 10, 2021 — Jessica Kovacs
oversize sweater

Top 13 Knitwear Trends A/W 2021

Knitwear is on the rise. All of your favorite brands are putting out new designs, and stores like Zara are featuring knitwear in every type of style out there. Like with any trend, there will constantly be new styles in the future. In this blog post we will discuss the best knitwear trends for fall 2021. Knitwear is very popular for young women and also used a lot by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The colors that are trending include orange, burgundy, navy blue, dark green, amber, pinkish purple and gold. These colors can be seen on many cardigans. That's why we've put together this list of the top 10 trends that you can expect to see in stores soon! Stay ahead of the game by learning about what's coming up, so you can get your knitwear shopping done earlier than everyone else.


Knitwear Trends 2021

Trend #13 - Layered Outfits

This trend is becoming more and more popular. The key to pulling off this look is to layer your clothes in a creative way. For example, wear a long sleeve knit shirt with a cardigan, then wear a scarf or neck warmer around your neck. Pair the outfit with some tight leggings, boots and don't forget your favorite purse! Remember not to go overboard by putting on too many layers because it can look messy.


Trend #12 - Tangerine Shades

Such as the “Bottega” Green as we like to call it - all Orange tones remain to be THE colour of the Season so make sure to stock not only up on all the greens ( clothes wise and food wise) but also stock up on the orange knitwear trend.

 Shop our Sovaye Must Have Knits in Tangerine Shades.

( Mya Sweater )
( Bittersweet Sweater )
( Sunset Lover Cardigan )
( Sunny Side up Cardigan )


Trend #11 - Vintage-Style Vests

This Trend actually started to get really popular in 2020 seen on all the It girls around the globe. Believe it or not Vintage Vest will also rule this seasons fall winter and will continue to rule until the end of next spring. Shop our Emily Knit vest for a seasonless neutral colour or go with our rainbow vest for a more colourful option!


Trend #10 - Ribbed Textures

Have you ever noticed that knitwear featuring ribbed textures instantly elevate knitwear from looking  purely like house holding? Knitwear Sets are our must have these season. Not only because they are comfy - no they are comfy AND stylish. A pair of cools sunnies, your favourite designer bag and you are ready to go - yep even to dinner!


Trend #9 - Denim

Denim is and always will be popular for women around the world.  A classy or edgy look? You decide. All we know is the denim trend will stay very popular during fall 2021 in every kind of shape and style. Sure we all wanna be up to date on what’s popular in the next coming years, which are the top 10 trends for the season? But we think denim is seasonless - I mean can you ever go wrong wearing a cool cardigan paired with a cool oversized denim jacket? You seriously can’t - cause this is something, which will never go out of style!


Trend #8 - Carhartt

Carhartt is one of the best-known brands. This makes the Carhartt full zip jacket trend very popular. This style fits perfectly on any figure and is always a great buy. It has a double zipper for a cooler, lighter feel. Sweater cardigans are also a favorite of so many. You can wear these cardigans with jeans, skirts and dresses to create a very stylish outfit.


Trend #7 - Camo

Its crazy how the Camo trend really became that popular among men, women and especially young girls. It isn’t easy to choose your favourite camouflage colour or design though as there’s a million options and types of camo to choose from. Choose the one type that suits you and your personal style the best and then be the first one to jump on this on/off trend and watch it’s comeback as its becoming huge again in the upcoming years. The style is getting so popular that even this fall, it's not unusual for girls to wear camouflage every day. But also its nothing new that since the beginning of this trend, it has become widely popular among people of all ages and always will be.


Trend #6 - Blue

Blue is another very trendy colour for especially young women but can definitely also be worn by women at any age. We all love our blue jeans but this season you will find blue shades on all different types of clothing like t-shirts, knitwear and hoodies. Its even getting so popular that yes we even wear  our leather pants now in BLUE this season. Time to get creative and wear the most original and unique outfit you ever did!


Trend #5 - A-line Skirts

A-line skirts are very popular right now. If you're not sure how to pull off this skirt style, you'll probably want to try it on first before buying it. This is because it can reveal more than you want to show. If you don't want people to see your undergarments, try wearing shorts or leggings underneath. You can also wear tights or stockings with it. This skirt is so versatile that you can wear it with any type of shirt, sweater or jacket. Be creative!


Trend #4 - Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are one of the top 10 trends right now. This is because this type of dress can be worn in many different styles. It also doesn't matter if you're tall or short; you can choose to wrap your dress differently to make it look like other dresses. If you want to look like a princess, wear it with a belt around your waist to create an empire waistline. You can also choose to hide your belt under your breasts for a different look.


Trend #3 - Shrugs

There are many different types of shrugs; the most popular style is the sleeve shrug. This is because it can be worn with any kind of outfit and give it that personal cool unique touch. You can wear it on top of any dress or shirt, regardless of its length or color. The small shawl on this shrug is perfect for keeping you warm when it's cold outside. Some people like to wear this shrug over their shoulders; you can also pair it with a scarf for a more fashionable look.


Trend #2 - Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are as well one of the top 10 trends in fashion today. This trend is so popular that this fall, they are seen everywhere around the world! There are many different styles on how to wear a mini skirt. You can choose to wear them with boots if you're going on a trip or on vacation. If you're wearing your mini skirt with sneakers, you can use these sneakers as your style accessory. You can also wear a mini skirt with leggings or tights for a different look.


Trend #1 - Plaid

Plaid is a very popular style that can be worn by everyone. This is because it's a typical fall style that you can dress up or down. Plaid is very versatile, so it's perfect for women of all ages. Plaid is also one of the top 10 trends in the world; this makes it very popular with young people. If you're not sure how to wear plaid, you can experiment with different ways to dress up or down your outfit!


Knitwear Trend



Winter Season is finally on and we are more than excited to get ready for all the Winter fashion, Outfits and Trends - this means that it will be a busy time in the style industry. It's always very important to know what the latest popular trends are. It will definitely help you to dress your best this year! No, you don't want to feel like you are left out of any trends - this is because it's not only about dressing yourself up; it's also about creating a unique style. And with these 10 most popular  trends, you will be sure to stand out!