Its been almost a year since we’ve first dropped our first Skylar pants in black. Together with Larissa we made this special but also basic design at the same time. As Larissa is a fashion model herself she has the perfect body and is the perfect face for our Larissa x Sovaye Skylar Pants. 

Discover The Skylar Pants

Since we launched them in mid April, we can not think them away anymore, its not a secret that these women’s pants are the most trending pants from our brand. Skylar’s in Red, Skylar’s in Nude, Skylars in leather so what’s next? A Cargo pants Skylar maybe? Or some khaki Skylar pants?

Fashion is timeless and cargo pants never go out of style so we think its actually a cool idea! So we want to know from you guys what would you think if we would make a cargo pants style skylar, maybe in khaki? For summer we are thinking to play around with bold colours and are constantly checking the latest trends for woman pants so we can still keep our classic V cut but add a touch of the newest trends to our Skylar pants. White is always in fashion and the perfect summer colour, so we have the Skylar skirt in white but what about a classy white long Skylar pant? Also a Cargo summer Skylar pant would actually be an idea? We are always happy to hear your feedback, ideas and opinions so please never hesitate to DM or email us if you have any cool ideas or feedback.

Maybe there’s a colour you always wanted to have as women’s pants in general our a Skylar colour you would really like to have in your closet. Just pop us a dm and we are happy to chat with you :-).

Womens pants are always hard to buy, hard to choose and difficult with the sizing but our Skylar pants are the most classy pants for women because of their deep V cut their not only trending right now but they give your body the right shape. A lot of women sometimes do have some issues with especially showing their belly’s, we got you but we promise even if you do have a little problem zone on your belly this pants will show you from your best side! Since last summer a lot of brands dropped low waisted pants or pants where your belly is shown and we really do believe that this trend will still go on this summer and will continue being one of the most trending pants for women in the fashion scene. In the same time you can also use them as a classy dress pants for women because they are a mix of elegance and coolness.

How To Wear The Skylar Pants?

How to wear them? The good thing about our Skylar pants is you can easily wear them for a daily look combined with cool sneakers and a cool crop top or you can make them fashion and wear it for a date night or night out with your friends and make them look really classy with some nice high heels. The Black pants are our most classy one’s and fine to combine with im sure everything you have in your closet! All the girls love the colours of nude and beige so the nude Skylar’s are some of the most trending pants which is always wanted by our sovaye community. The orange one’s is more like a spring / summer thing but you can wear them as a winter statement piece to bright up your cold winter days and bring some colour into your life!

A month ago we dropped our leather Skylar’s and marked them with a cool fashion statement piece: the white stitches. As you may all know this is a huge trend right now and also can be seen on many pants so for sure its another one of our most trending pants for women trend of 2021 and continues to go through 2022. Also a leather pant never goes out of style so you can wear it in the coldest winter but it also can create a sexy Summer look.

And of course lets not forget our Skylar skirts which are, yes SHORT but sexy as hell. They will give you the perfect body and all the attention you need during hot summer days. Sexy but still fashion! The Skylar shorts are a very unique thing. Not for everyone but definitly a must have piece if you call yourself a fashionista!

So I think we all agree, one thing is for sure we can’t and we DONT WANT to live without our Skylar’s anymore and they will for sure be a Sovaye statement piece for a long long time and our most trending pants for women as long as we can think of! So make sure to check out our newest Skylar’s in Red which come in a limited drop just for valentines day. Enjoy while the love and the stock lasts on

We are so grateful for your support and even though we would have never thought the Skylar pants would create such a hype in our community, we are happy they did and we promise to always serve you with the coolest pants trend and fashion trends in general.

February 15, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs