March is a very special month for us. We are not only slowly slowly welcoming spring/summer but we are also welcoming our new website and first drop of our new collection this month!

Our new collection called SOVAYE - THE NEW ERA is a mix between spring fashion and summer fashion. We still couldn’t completely completely go of the dark colours - especially black but in  this fashion guide for SS22 we will not only introduce you to our first drop of spring summer 22 but also explain you what to wear, how to wear it and what exactly are the must have trends for this season!


Colours, Colours, Colours!

So what do we usually wear in spring? YES, BLAZERS!

Your all time favourite Bottega Blazer is finally back in different colours. As mostly in Spring and Summer Fashion trends, we can welcome the bright colours back this SS22 season! From a great pink to a really eye catchy neon green to yellow and purple. Colours are trending more than ever and in this fashion guide we will explain you why!


Colours boost our moods!

Have you ever noticed the sudden happiness and confidence your feeling when you get dressed up in your favourite colour? Its simply priceless. In Summer you wanna be tanned, you wanna wear bright colours and you wanna feel sexy. Thats exactly why we choose to design our bestselling Bottega Blazer in a bright yellow as it reminds us of summer, clear skies, the sun and good old cocktails. Get your tan and your yellow Bottega Blazer and combine it with our matching new Skylar Pants or with simply a cool jeans short. The good thing about blazers is, you have endless choices. Thats why the Bottega Blazer in bright yellow is our must have piece this spring summer 22 and our favourite product in this fashion guide for the new season!


You still asking yourself but how do I combine such a bright colour?


Lucky you, the Skylars are back in new colours as well. And yes exactly, as well in bright yellow! So get your pair of yellow Skylars with the yellow Bottega Blazer and you have your perfect outfit ready for any kind of occassion. Does it get more Fashion?


Skylar Top

Top of the cherry is our new Skylar Top! Which we are dying to introduce you to this spring summer season 22. So welcome it as a new member of the Skylar family!

Dont like the blazer, but still need a top to combine with the new yellow skylars? The answer is really easy this time. The yellow Skylar top. If you are asking yourself in general: What should I wear this spring? What can I wear this summer? Click on this link and we prepared you all Skylar Pants and Skylar Tops directly to buy as a two piece set in different colours and you never have to worry about what to wear. Designed in a similar V shape as the pants, the new Skylar Top is THE perfect match!

Another trend trending this season: CORSETS

Who needs the basic corsets when you can have a corset inspired blazer?

Our new Rowan Blazer is a hell of a thing! With a classy dark black ( which never goes out of style btw ) fabric its designed with some details that remind us of a corset but still keeps it as a classy blazer. Make it Fashion but keep it sexy, here you go! Dont miss it!



Cutouts were first a thing in 1960 so if you are thinking this trend has only been here for a two seasons now your totally wrong. The Cutout trend is more a “Summer Fashion” thing as it has the power to transform a basic piece into a “not so basic” piece anymore very easily.

Cutouts has been a trend for the last seasons and definitely will stay this spring/summer 22.

In our fashion guide we introduce you to our Coquette Blazer which highlights the two cutouts on each side as well as an open back and gives you the perfect body shape. Sexiness overload and we never even wanna take it off anymore. Thats why it made it to our top fashion pieces to wear this spring / summer 22. Enjoy!

Let us introduce you to another Set of our NEW ERA collection. The Biker Set! Gotta run some errands? Go to the gym or just act like your on the way to the gym?

Then this Set is for you! Designed with detailed white stitching and cutouts on the arms this is definitely not your average biker set.


Low Waist

We really hope that you hit the gym enough this season because the low waist trend seems to go nowhere but directly in our closets. An essential summer fashion it piece, a low waist skirt or pant can’t be missing in your spring summer 22 wardrobe.

And what should a real good fashion guide do? Exactly directly link the IT pieces so click here and shop our Miu Miu inspired dream Tennis Skirt. As you might know already mini skirts have been seen on dutzends of street styles worn by your favourite models and influencers all around the globe this season! So conclusion, what do we wear in summer? Mini skirts, mini skirts, mini skirts!

Thong Details!

One of the biggest trends of the season that you haven’t seen coming? The Thong out trend! Probably we’ve all been there. We really hope that you remember some point during your teenage years, that showing “your thong” kinda was a thing and yes it even was trendy! Seen on many celebrities such as the young Britney Spears and celebs like Aaliyah.

Like it or not - Its 2022 and the trend is back! We got your back and designed this spring an ALL IN ONE pant where the thong detail is directly attached to the pants. Just because Britney is our forever icon, we simply called them BRITNEY PANTS. You can thank us later. Happy Thong Shopping!



Also feel like all you have spotted on the spring / summer 22 runway shoes were ( even if they were hidden sometimes) a brallete? Its the naked truth, we literally can’t think of a runway fashion show where we couldn’t spot a little cute bralette this season.


But why they are so trendy? Our fashion guide will explain you why!


Its obvious - the bralette is not an everyday thing but especially worn with a cool more boyish oversized blazer and some cool baggy jeans, the bralette is a must have for this season.

It makes us feel sexy, confident and also is made to show the little bad side of yours! And we think we all agree, during summer its definitely allowed to show a little bit more skin. So the Bralettes took over the runways now make sure they also take over your closet!


Check out our new Cherry Bomb Bralette.


We could talk for hours with you guys about the latest spring summer trends, especially as  summer 2022 is around the corner but always remember your own unique style can never be right or wrong. Just be yourself and remember dreams change, trends come and go but no matter   what your wearing your energy never goes out of style!

We hope you liked our mini guide and our NEW ERA collection - see you next time!

March 21, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs