Happy Easter, Bunnies!

Easter is great, no question but you know what comes after Easter? Yes exactly SUMMER!

The beginning of summer which has always been our favourite season. You get excited and you update your closet! So today we will help you on how to embracing your inner closet fairy and what to wear in summer, a mix of the best skirt models, best short models, cool jacket ideas and holiday outfit for any occasion!

The Nights are getting warmer, so get your party dresses ready!

We wanna see you sparkling the night away.

You can never go wrong with a sexy night dress. If its a little black dress, a party dress or sequin dress, who cares as long as you feel comfortable in it! Any kind of dress you can combine with a cool jacket so lets give us some cool jacket outfit ideas!

As 2022 has begun one of the biggest jacket trends was shearling! In every colour and every style. But what kind of jackets we wear in summer? The Leather Jacket! It stays and stays and stays. Its a forever love story. A Leather Jacket is one of the coolest jacket ideas in history of jackets and should never be missed and always be just one step away, I mean in case you need it! And you need it a lot! Styling it with a holiday outfit, skirt model or your best short model. Over a party dress or sexy night dress. The Leather Jacket will never disappoint!

The Jeans Jacket


Does never get out of style!


Similar to the leather jacket the jeans jacket has a lot of different options and you can get a million cool jean jacket ideas out of it. Oversized? Cropped? Wear it in summer and in winter? You can never get too many different styles of jeans jackets. So if you wanna make me a holiday outfit gift, I ll take another jeans jacket - thanks! Perfect to combine with any kind of outfit such as shorts, skirts and dresses. Make it hippie or artsy and do your self-made jeans jacket by painting it or be creative and stitch or add any kind of accessory or studs on it to make it your own unique designed jacket only worn by you. Definitely the coolest jeans jacket in the world!


What else to wear in summer?


We’ve just dropped the two coolest skirt styles last month, perfectly fitted for your holiday outfit ideas! Our Tennis Skirt is inspired by the latest trend of micro skirts and the Dakota Thong Skirt has the thong detail stitched on it. This trend we have seen also on many celebrities and influencers around the world.

Night Dresses and Party Dresses

A nice holiday outfit that you can wear attending to a party doesn’t always have to be black and doesn’t always have to be tight and mini. There’s a lot of different option when it comes to a party dress. What about a sparkling open back mini dress? To bring back your sexy back ( Justin Timberlake would be very happy ). Or what about a long chiffon ruffle dress with a nice print? Combined with a cool jacket? There’s definitely a lot of options on what to wear in summer and now we will also link you ours favourite one’s on www.sovaye.com for this spring summer season beginning so you can directly shop your coolest holiday outfits.

Bottega Blazer

Need a cool jacket idea? Or Bottega Blazer is all in one. Sexy and casual. Can be combined with the matching bottega pants or with a cool oversized jeans, or even a skirt or short. One good combination we can give you which is in our opinion the best short model to combine with our bottega blazer, is for sure a highwaisted jean short! Gives you a great attitude and a great body. Makes your legs longer and your waist skinnier.

Cutout Blazer

You are looking for the ultimate holiday outfit and want all eyes on you?
Then without doubt, you should go for our cutout blazer! Its the most amazing it piece we have in our collection right now and can very easily compete with a sexy night dress or party dress. Dont miss it!

Rowan Blazer

The Rowan Blazer is not a real jacket, but a corset mixed with a blazer. It gives you the perfect body shape and with its cropped silhouette it gives you the sexy touch you need to complete your holiday outfits. Something you can’t miss wearing this summer. Same as the Cutout Blazer it can be worn to a party night out instead of a cool dress, you should combine it with a cool skirt. How about that?

Enough for today, we hope you liked our blogpost today and make sure to not miss any of our coolest jacket ideas for this month. Can’t wait what next month has in store for all of us! Thanks guys!

Ps: No Bunny loves you like we do! Xoxo





April 20, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs