Summer has arrived and our energy is up and we are in the mood to look for our perfect festival outfits for this summer. Prepare your suncream and beach shoes and be ready for an amazing summer ahead.

Linen Skirt

Linen is known for one of the most comfortable fabrics of all time. Beside that its eco friendly and sustainable. It’s highly absorbent and breathable and dries much faster than other fabrics. Linen gives you a comfortable luxury feeling and is perfect for hot summer nights, a beach look or even for a festival outfit as you don’t sweat as much. For the festival outfit we suggest you to combine your linen skirt with a cool linen blouse or crop top and add lots of woven chain’s as accessories to complete your badass festival outfit . On the beach, cute beach shoes or sandals go perfectly with a linen skirt. Make sure to not forget your sun cream and bikini!

Plaid Shorts

Practical and simple combinations are our life savers! Without worrying or even thinking a lot on what to wear or combine, plaid shorts always give an easy but powerful statement for the beach or your festival outfit! If you wear a plaid short you can just easily combine it with a cool basic top or t-shirt and you have the perfect statement look for every festival or beach party! Add lots of woven chain’s to your basic top which gives it the extra coolness! Motto: Enjoy your moment, have fun and do a lot of pictures!

Woven Chain

Woven chain’s are a very powerful accessory! Whatever you are planning to wear the jewelry can’t go missing! Woven chain’s are easy to find and are available in many different types which makes it easy for you to combine. Especially for your festival look a woven chain is a must! It completes your look and gives you the extra festival vibe! We also like to wear woven chain’s for the beach with our bikinis, a nice linen blouse and some cute beach shoes as it gives an extra chic look. Beach Shoes Sandals, Wedges, Flip Flops.. the list is long. Beach Shoes are so much fun, as now a days they are available in many colours and shapes. Make sure they are comfortable and they fit with your total look. Don't be afraid to add some colour on your beach shoes. To a summer with lots of love, endless laughs and lots of sun cream!

Love, Your Sovaye Team!
August 18, 2022 — Jessica Kovacs