History Of Trenchcoats

Almost 100 years before the first World War, Charles Macintosh crafted coats from rubberised cotton for the British military.
The Coats were revolutionary because they were waterproof. Once a military uniform, now and forever one of the most worn jackets and an essential wardrobe pieces for every Women and every age!

In 1856 Thomas Burberry created the gabardine fabric which was a waterproof and breathable twill fabric.
We all know Burberry’s Iconic Trench Coats yea? Since then the Trench Coat made its way into our hearts in countless different styles, fabrics and colours.

Why a Trenchcoat always have to Black or Beige?

Our new Croco Trench Coat Collection is available in 4 colours, made out of finest faux leather in a look alike crocs print, is here to rebel and spice up your closet. Trench Coats are typically made of gabardine, heavy canvas, cotton and for the extra stylish look, in leather! Its no secret that Trench Coats never go out of style. If you wanna keep it classy you go for our Black Croco Trenchcoat called “Onyx” or the nude one called “Nougat”. You wanna stand out from anyone else? Then definitely go for our “Milk” colour. Designed with love our Milk Croco Trench Coat has the perfect white milky colour and will definitely steal the show! For the extra dramatic look, combine our Trench coats with the matching leather pants. How to wear a Trench Coat? Thanks to its oversized fits, its very easy and comfortable to wear a warm sweater under it, combined with a cool mom jeans or leather pants. Women’s Trench Coat can be worn in fall and in Spring which makes it the an essential piece in a women’s wardrobe. There’s many options on how to wear the Trench Coat itself. To show off your complete look and your layers underneath just simply leave the Coat open. With the adjustable waist belt, its also cool to close the Trench Coat and simply combine it with some cool oversized boots, some vintage sunglasses and suddenly you have a cool mystery bad ass look which screams for Fashion Week ( or any other ordinary day in our lives! )

 Why Trench Coats Are So Stylish?

Trenchcoats Models

Because it's timeless! Sovaye Suggests: Go search through your parents or even your grandparents closet and if you are lucky enough you will find a very cool Vintage Trench Coat and we guarantee you, you will never want to give it away! Trench Coats have been around for so many years and the best thing about them is, they are so easy to style! The older, the better! They go with every look and are not only comfortable but also mostly waterproof! Not only Women can wear a Trench Coat also Men’s look very classy wearing a new or vintage Trench Coat. One thing we learned now for sure, the Trench Coat is an item that you can wear and keep forever! It will simply never go out of style!