Christmas 2021 is around the Corner and we can’t wait to show you the best Christmas gifts for women 2021. Get into the Christmas spirits and choose between our large selection of Gift Ideas to find the perfect gift for her!


A Cool Statement Jacket

You wanna find the top Christmas gifts 2021? We think you can never go wrong with a cool statement Jacket. What about a cool oversized blazer jacket? Or a Designer Vinyl Coat as a Statement gift idea?

Scroll through our wide selection of jackets including coats, blazers and casual everyday jacket and im sure you will find the perfect gift for her.


Sovaye Gift Card

Let me tell you the secret to her heart? Any women loves a good gift card.
We all know after Christmas comes the discounts. So a gift card is definitely one of the best gifts for Christmas and among our top Christmas gifts 2021.


Leeu Bags

Our Turkish Designer Leeu have a fantastic selection of limited bags. You are asking why they are definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for women 2021? Because they are cool, unique and affordable. With prices starting at 34.90.- its not only a great gift for her but also for your best friend who you wanna make happy this Christmas but dont wanna spend a 100.- for something special. Thats exactly why these cute bags made it to our top Christmas gifts 2021 list.


Skylar Pants

You wanna make her the happiest she’s ever been? The best Christmas gift for women 2021 is definitely our Skylar Pant. Its the must have of all seasons and a must have under your Christmas Tree this year!


Disco Dream Collection

The J BY JK X SEVVAL SAHIN Disco Dream Collection is on top of our gift ideas this year. Make her feel like a princess with our dreamy dresses and get into the Christmas spirit. If you wanna make her feel special one of these pieces is definitely the best gift for Christmas and on top among our top Christmas gifts 2021.


J BY JK Giraffe Dress

Clear to say the J BY JK Giraffe Dress was our bestseller this summer and guess what? Even this winter. Are you travelling to an exotic place for Christmas or after christmas? If so, this dress is one of the perfect most unique gift ideas for this Christmas.


Beany Beady Jewellery

In our list of Top Christmas Gifts 2021 is this cute Turkish designer Beany Beady. Looking for an affordable Present for your sister or friend? Beany Beady makes the most unique jewellery where you definitely can’t find anywhere else. That’s why its definitely among our best Christmas gifts for women 2021 for every age. Make a statement and combine it very easily with a cool jacket or sweatshirt and be ready for the Christmas spirit.


Mimoza x Sovaye

Our Collab Mimoza x Sovaye was definitely the THING of the year!
If you want her to scream while opening the Christmas package, that’s definitely the thing you should go for. We dont think there’s a better present as this is the BEST Christmas gift for 2021 and under our top 3 in the category of the best Christmas gifts for women 2021.
Jbyjk | Mimoza Collection | Handmade Design | Custom Design



Its never too late for trench coat season. With our Classic Trench coat you can never go wrong. I mean who needs a Burberry Trench coat when you can have a Sovaye Trench Coat? This Christmas is all about changes.



A Sweatshirt or Sweater is a really thoughtful gift for her! It keeps her warm and cozy and that’s exactly what we need for the perfect Christmas spirit and all festive season long. Have fun scrolling through our sweatshirt category, get inspired by different gift ideas and discover our variety of brands. Im sure you will find the best Christmas gifts for women 2021 in this category!


Thank you for being a part of our top Christmas gifts 2021, we hope to inspire you today and always and wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 16, 2021 — Jessica Kovacs